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My work asks how we interact with our

environment: our homes, our cities, even our

dreams. Who are we in different places and at

different times? I wonder how our homes will

change as time passes and reflect on how my

own memories of home have evolved and

devolved over time.

I am in awe of the world around me: both the

undeniable strength of the natural world and our

own power. Art is my mirror for what I see. I use

it to help me understand how we interact

with—and sometimes destroy—our


I completed my BFA at the University of Colorado

in Boulder and have been painting for most of my

life. For me, expression through color and line

comes as naturally as speaking does. While I

prefer acrylics and their vibrant colors, my love

of line and structure almost always also

introduces pencil, pen and stitching into my


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